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We all have loved ones — those special people who are integral to the family unit and who are struggling with the aging process..  There comes a point where we are aware that daily activities and self-care are difficult for these family members. As they struggle, we do, too.  We know how important they are to us and, even, our children.  As we see these changes start to happen, our first priority is to ensure they maintain their lifestyle and independence. All too often, our responsibilities leave us with little time to take care of them or provide adequate assistance.  Now, there is an alternative — one that supports the dignity and autonomy that is sometimes sacrificed in other situations.

Why in home care?

Most of the time, people associate positive feelings with home. A person confined to a hospital or nursing home may frequently ask to go home. On the other hand, people are more healthy and vibrant when they are in their own space.  It has been shown that they thrive on the sanctity of home and the pleasure and rewards of having their freedom to live as they choose.

Choosing a Caregiver

Regardless of the extent of care needed, it’s important to remember that in home care companies, like My Sister’s Choice, are here to help families and loved ones keep their dignity, their homes, and their way of life.

Finding Top Quality Professional Home Care for Loved Ones

Thankfully, when the time comes, there are people and services that can help. My Sister’s Choice exists to offer professional in home care to elderly loved ones. We are proud to provide customized programs and highly trained staff that can offer everything from intensive around-the-clock care to transportation to and from scheduled appointments.  

Whether check-ins are needed or detailed personalized care, we are happy to provide it all.  With My Sisters Choice, you and your family has peace of mind, knowing your loved one’s needs are being and crafted with their well-being in mind. Most of all, you can be confident knowing that you can meet your personal obligations while the seniors you love retain their home, independence, and lifestyle.

Before you decide if help is needed – Know what our  aging services provide…

If you are reading this, chances are that you have a need for our services.  Maybe you have an aging senior in your life, or a loved one recuperating from an illness or surgery, or perhaps even a family member living with a progressive disease. In any of these situations, they may need additional help or care to remain in their home.


Often those we love will refuse rehabilitation or skilled care even when it is recommended by health care professionals. Out of our love for them, we feel obligated to honor those wishes, so we take on responsibilities that are often unrealistic. The sad truth is that sometimes we find ourselves unable to fulfill and maintain the additional obligations of caring for an aging loved one while managing personal commitments. 

You may already be feeling the weight of a similar situation. How long can you keep up with the demands and expectations? Many times the care needed eventually escalates and the relationship shifts from helping a beloved family member to primary caregiver. Before the simple desire to assist a loved one becomes an overwhelming burden leaving you trapped within an impossible cycle, know that help available — help for you and for those you love. My Sister’s Choice exists so you and your family member can maintain the way of life you’ve come to expect.

Never the right time…

More than likely there is never an intention to discuss in home care. When the need arises and family steps in to help, it can become taxing and difficult. In addition, when the decision is made to seek out home care services, the process needs to be clarified so the family understands all the available options.


My Sisters Choice understands the struggles a family undertakes when looking for caring and professional help for their aging senior.  

Here’s What Our Senior In-Home Service Offers

About Our Services

  • Home safety checks
  • Personalized care and in-home assessments to meet your loved one’s needs
  • Reputable home care company
  • Companion services for your relatives
  • Professional service from highly trained staff
  • Fully bonded and insured caregivers
  • High quality home care assistance
  • Personal care assistance
  • Caring and devoted caregivers

We Provide Exemplary Caregiving Services!

We offer a personalized approach that begins with a thorough analysis of your specific needs.  Do our loved ones deserve this level of superior care? Of course! Let us provide a no-obligation assessment today.

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